I can't sleep and listen all night. It's raining on the front of the stairs till the dawn. Thinking, old time, like the wind chime. Gradually, the dark rain empty court, Xiaoxiao is already unbearable, there have been a number of wind and rain, a few lingering, from now on add a number of times? I want to cover the wind screen, but the cold west wind will send autumn. The drizzle is falling, the night seems quiet but not quiet, the autumn wind is rustling all over the yard, the fall is colorful, the tenderness is full of broken ground, one leaf falls, I know the autumn of the world, two love break, I know the dream is broken. Full of heartache, tears and sorrows, a desolate land. It's still remembered that I met you in the deepest world of mortals at the first sight of Xiaoting. From then on, apricot blossom rain curtain, small bridge and flowing water are willing to damage Shaohua for you, "there is no language, and I also depend on it." In that month, countless old mournful sacrifices were accumulated in the long years. Your face was engraved with vicissitudes, but you smiled at me, allowing me to be prosperous for half of my life. I didn't think about the unknown ending, just kept what you poured out to me. That year, I am infatuated with you, even if tears into a drop, heart into ashes, also no regrets, immortal back and forth repeatedly entangled ten million times. All this, only for the original one - oath with each other. Later, I was cold to the moon, blue sea, blue sky and night heart, who is the spring of the day, the bridge side waiting for you, but finally hurt the spring, the evening only to the pear blossom. When swallows fly, the setting sun is still on, gambling books and pouring tea is just a lonely person, but you still can't hold your hand. "Who wants the west wind to cool alone?" this is not your escape, but my life's and, who is the world with whom, you are mine, I can only tremble in the ferry of love.